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Terms & Conditions

All our quotations are made subject to prior sale.

The information about the year of manufacture, working hours, weight, condition, strength, capacity, speed and dimensions of the materiel offered or sold is provided simply as a guide, for which we are not beholden to any guarantee, undertaking or liability.

The material is sold collected on site, approved by the buyer or regarded as such.

The collection of the material sold, the loading and/or unloading at the quay, on a wagon, lorry or ship and transport is the responsibility of the buyer at the buyer’s expense and under the buyer’s full responsibility.

Even in the event of carriage free, the material is approved or regarded as such at the outset and travels at the consignee’s own risk.

Should the contract be terminated through the fault of our co-contractor, the latter shall be liable to compensation set at 20% of the market price without prejudice to our right to seek redress for all the damage.

In order to be admissible, any challenge should be notified, within eight days, via registered letter, as soon as the invoice is received.

Disputes shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the LIEGE Court.